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Memphis is widely considered to be the birthplace or home of much American music. Rock and roll, blues, gospel, hiphop forms, rockabilly, R&B, soul, even jazz developed critically in Memphis.

Studios and Producers

Songs come alive in Memphis. Great records have always been created and mixed in Memphis, Tennessee and continues every year.

Events and Shows in Memphis

It’s all about the song. The emergence of musical genres from the hardship and entrepreneurship in the region is unique in the world.

It continues to this day with the same principles of shared creativity, front porch storytelling, and startup mentality.

Twelve month calendar of wall to wall Memphis music events, ideas, releases, support, and fun.

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The Memphis Music live scene is always welcoming and always growing.  It’s formed around a variety of unique and exciting venues, where there is always live music in Memphis – it’s what we do!


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The Memphis Music community takes care of our artists and musicians with assistance and health initiatives.

The goal is to assist artists in learning, reflecting and applying truths that promote spiritual, social, intellectual, and physical maturity in their community.

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