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1. Artist Development (Artists, Musicians, Management, Services, Education)

Memphis Artist Roster
Memphis Musician List
Memphis Management and Services List
Memphis Music Education List

2. Publishing (Songs, Songwriters, Publishers)

Memphis Song List .csv file (songs related to Memphis through content, origin, recording, reference, writer, artist, musician – from WVZM 100.3FM)

or Memphis Song List Online Doc

Memphis Songs Charts and Fun Lists (Various)
Memphis Songwriters
Memphis Publishers/Sync/Placement

3. Music Production (Studios, Producers, Engineers, Manufacturing)

Memphis Studios
Memphis Producers/Engineers

4. Marketing (Social Media, Print, PR, Radio, TV, Press)

Memphis Print/PR/Radio/Social/TV

5. Events (Shows, Venues, Booking Agents)

Year for Memphis Music Calendar, v1.0 (a few suggested items from the Memphis Music Circle – expanding soon)

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Memphis Events and Venues People List

Memphis Music Map (Prototype) – Venues for Live Music+

Calendars we think are helpful:

6. Sales (Merch, History)

Merch Store
Memphis Music Retail and Historic Memphis Music Places and Museums

7. Rest (Artist Care)

Resources for Artists and Musicians in Need

¬†All lists are compiled and constantly updated by the Center for Memphis Music at Visible Music College and are meant to represent to most recent and active professionals and businesses serving in and around the Memphis Music Community. All of these are ongoing developmental lists and directories for people to find each other and work together in the Memphis Music Circle. Personal information has been withheld for privacy and updates can be made to your listing by emailing [email protected]

Here is an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for you with updated real questions people ask! Our “Vision” document is here.

Year for Memphis Music is a labor of love and constantly updating, so if you see or know of any additions that need to made to any list, please contact [email protected]!

Anyone can see who is doing what in the Memphis Music Circle and on the Year for Memphis Music Team “Project Sheet“.

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